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Coffs Harbor : Kalaripayattu Intensive - India's Martial Art

Kalari asanas and forms are multidimensional, incorporating concepts of power and focus, and allow us to feel a closer connection to our ancestral animal and warrior lineages.
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Coffs Harbor : Kalaripayattu Intensive - India's Martial Art

Time & Location

18 Jan 2020, 10:00 am – 19 Jan 2020, 4:00 pm
Mullaway Public School, Mullaway Public School, 15 Whitton Pl, Mullaway NSW 2456, Australia

About The Event

Practice the oldest indigenous martial art form for 2 days!

Over 2 days we will be delving into the world of Kalari movement (martial arts and yoga), philosophy and history. We will also be discussing Ayurveda, the science of life. 

Kalaripayattu (Kalari) is India's ancient indigenous martial, meditational & medicinal tradition that evolved alongside Yoga & Ayurveda that originates from Kerala in South India. It is a complete system of body-oriented therapy with an emphasis on the expansion & development of the senses, a paradigm commonly called 'when the body becomes all eyes'. Kalari gives us a framework for understanding how we exist in the world and practical guidelines to harmonize ourselves with our ever changing inner and outer environments.

The Kalari movement classes over 2 days will include all the elements of a traditional practice:

- Loha (warm up exercises to energise/strengthen/prepare the mind and body)

- Kalugal (leg swings or kicks to balance/ground)

- Vadivu (postures as whole body Mudras which awaken the energy of the particular form, creating focus and steadfastness)

- Kalari Vandanam (Salutation Vinyasa or form where we acknowledge the lineage and tradition of Kalari and energise/align/ground the subtle/physical body and mind). 

Kalari asanas and forms are multidimensional, incorporating concepts of power and focus, and allow us to feel a closer connection to our ancestral animal and warrior lineages. 

Kalari Healing presents a unique approach with discussions of vital aspects to health and wellbeing from a naturopathic and Ayurvedic perspective in order to equip you with a greater awareness of how to understand your body in more depth, combat and prevent common illness, and take away a practical routine and ideas to incorporate into your life. 

Over the weekend you will take away movement and health practices that you will be able to work on in your own time (and until the next workshop!). It will be a great way to develop more flexibility, calm and focus the mind, improve your fitness and core strength, and develop your sense of inner wellbeing. 

Who is this for:  Adults  - beginners and all levels of fitness and flexibility and particularly suited for: 

- Yogis 

- Martial Artists

- Dancers, Actors, entertainers, musicians 

- Sports and fitness enthusiasts 

- Healers and Wellness Practitioners

Dates: Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th January 

Time: 10am - 4pm (sat and sun)

Location: Mullaway Public School - 15 Whitton Place, Mullaway, 2456, NSW

Contribution : 

1 Day - $180 

2 Days -  $300


Saturday and Sunday

10am -12pm Kalaripayattu movement practice 

12pm - 1pm Lunch break

1pm - 2pm Holistic Health and Kalari Ayurveda wellness discussion 

2pm - 4pm Kalaripayattu movement practice 

4pm Q and A session



Kalari Ayurvedic Massages  - Lalita will also be offering a limited number (Only 2) Kalari Ayurvedic Massages at the following times (to book email

Friday - 3pm and 5pm 

2 hours - $140

The Kalari Ayurvedic Massage involves a 1.5- 2 hour full body treatment with the application of specific flowing massage techniques using warm herbal oils and compresses, vital energy point therapy, followed by a relaxing head massage. Each treatment begins with a consultation in order to best tailor the treatment to your needs. Some of the benefits of the Kalari Ayurvedic Massage include:

Improves the circulatory, digestive, nervous, lymphatic and immune systems

Stimulates the elimination of toxins

Aids in relieving muscle tension

Balances the chakras and energy channels

Relaxes and energizes the body and mind

For more information about Kalari Ayurvedic Massages visit - or contact Lalita directly. 


Lalita Ramona -

Lalita is a Kalari Practitioner and Martial Art Instructor, Yoga Teacher and Naturopath. She began studying Kalari Healing and Martial Arts in 2009 in Australia. Since then she has made several trips to India to study and train with her teacher and Guru, Sat Guru Hanuman Das, the founder of the Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram in Kerala. She is also a qualified Yoga Teacher having completed her training in India. She is currently practicing and teaching key Kalaripayattu exercises, forms, open combat sequences and weapon forms. She has found that through the practice of meditation, pranayama and body movement, one can align themselves and their lives with their goals. Developing focus in the mind and body, while building a strong foundation through warm ups, traditional asanas and forms are integral to her training.

Originally from India, Ramona Lalita has lived and studied in various countries such as Brazil, Singapore, India and Japan. Ramona is passionate about health and well-being, and employs Kalari in her personal life. She endeavours to help her clients and students gain equilibrium and harmony in their lives. Ramona sees Kalari and Yoga as multimodal healing systems, and is a firm believer that using these methods, one can synergize the body, mind and spirit.

Karen Leskiw 

Karen began her love of movement in childhood as a competitive gymnast, crossing over to coaching kids and adults during her university studies in visual communication. Throughout this process however, something was always missing. Finally she went searching and was introduced to yogathrough Sian Pascale, who slowed down familiar exercises and connected them to the breath. This opened up a whole new world of focused and purposeful movement. 

At a yoga and kalari demonstration, she met Ramona and instantly loved the use of strength, flexibility and personal power that was involved in kalaritraining. It took everything she adored about yoga and brought it back towardsacrobatics.   Karen quickly noticed how supportive and positive it was when training with this new group of passionate people. Always practicing with an emphasis on mastery, a disciplined respect to gurus and the philosophy of ‘seeing with the whole body’. It was such a beautiful way to approach training. She was delighted to offer her skills in marketing to help spread the word of this amazing ancient martial art form.

  • Coffs Harbour 2 Days
  • Coffs Harbour 1 Day

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