The Kalari Ayurvedic Massage

Massage with the use of oil, traditionally called 'Abhyanga', allows for nourishment of the muscles and skin, improves flexibility and strengthens all the organ systems. During the massage, the 'marma' are identified and addressed. These points are vital energy centres that connect the organs, muscles and channels, and are often sites where toxins and stagnated energy accumulate causing blockages. 

Before each massage, the appropriate herbal oils are selected based on your current state of health. Some of the base oils include coconut and sesame, and these are usually combined with other potent herbal and medicinal oils. Kalari Massage helps to lubricate the joints, allowing proper flow of energy and blood through the body.  Cleansing of the blood, via new oxygen flow and excretion of wastes is also stimulated. It is also an effective method for the medicines in the oils to be absorbed.

Heated herbal compresses, traditionally called 'Kizhi' are used and made from a synergistic combination of herbs, that aid the movement of stagnated energy, remove inflammation and blockages, and soften the muscles.

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