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We are now offering Membership and Class Pass options below to pay for your classes

If you are a new student please join our beginner series starting on 15th October.

Plans can be used to pay for your classes and are discounted for a limited time only. Please contact us with any queries. 

Signing up and preparing yourself for our online classes

- Click on the class level - beginner, intermediate, advanced - and then choose a class time which will take you through to the payment and registration pages.


- If you purchase a class pass or membership option you can use these to pay for your classes. Please still register for each class you would like to attend. We will contact you regarding the weekly/monthly options and discuss the best way to mentor you in your training - eg. how and when you will be sending your weekly video for correction (usually through WhatsApp)


- Your confirmation email will have a Zoom link - please use this to join the class.

- If you have natural light and ventilation (air flow), allow that into the room prior to training. 

- Make sure you are warm - wear appropriate clothes for the weather, and take a warm shower before and after the class. 

- Try to do a quick warm up before you join the class – for example a 5 min walk around your space or some stretching to warm your body, muscles and joints.   

- You can be barefoot, or wear toe shoes, and practice on a preferably soft and non-slippery ground. If you are outdoors or on cement you can wear toe shoes and use a yoga mat or something to cushion the ground.

- Make sure the battery on your phone/tablet or computer is charged, or connect a power source. Using a TV with a large screen is the most preferred way to attend the classes.


- You are responsible for your own training – during training please do not exert yourself beyond your own ability and be aware of any injuries or limitations you may have. If you feel pain or discomfort while participating, please stop the exercise and let the instructor know. If you have serious health conditions, are pregnant or would like to discuss any aspect of your health please contact us prior to the class. 

Attending the classes

- Please open the Zoom class 10-15 minutes before the class start so we can say hi and ask you about how you are feeling.  Please turn on your video as we may have an assistant teacher watching and helping to correct your movements for your safety and development. 

- Our training is designed for a small space and each training level of training is structured differently. We try to choose universal and space-saving exercises. We also often give different versions of exercises to accomodate for different skill levels. 

- If you would like to have private classes/mentorship and develop your skills with closer attention and tailored specifically for you, please contact us directly. 

Online Kalari Learning

Our Kalari online learning program is targeted towards students who would like to develop their skills in Kalaripayattu and Kalari Yoga. 

Students will learns unarmed techniques that allow mastery over body movements and balance. Warm ups, forms, combinations and techniques include aspects of a traditional practice such as:

  • Loha – warm up exercises to energise/strengthen/prepare the mind and body, and build core strength

  •  Kalugal (leg swings or kicks to balance/ground),

  • Vadivu (postures as whole body Mudras which awaken the energy of the particular form, creating focus and steadfastness)

  • Chuvadu (Salutation Vinyasa or form where we acknowledge the lineage and tradition of Kalari and energise/align/ground the subtle/physical body and mind))

  • Adithada (Unarmed Combat)

As the student progresses they may undertake weapons training. 

Online learning can be utilised by students so they can continue to feel motivated and supported, and develop more discipline by having continual contact wherever they are. Contact us for more information or queries. 

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