Membership Portal

The membership portal is for students who would like to dedicate to personal practice and grow in Kalari. Think of this as a way to be more closely connected with your teacher, they are walking closer by your side, and are able to correct your movements more frequently and get to know your practice in more depth. 

Signing up for a Membership

- Choose either the weekly or monthly option below and pay for this (you will be asked to sign in - please keep these login details safe)

- Each week visit this page and register for 1 or 2 casual class/s and use your membership to pay at checkout

- Your confirmation email will have a Zoom link - please use this to join the class.

- Sign in via the membership login tab, and via the Kalari resources link you have access to your weekly videos and other resources.

- We will contact you to discuss the best way to mentor you in your training - eg. how and when you will be sending your weekly video for correction (usually through WhatsApp)


All members receive 10% all Holistic Health consultations (for those interested in reaching your health and lifestyle goals).

There will be more offers applied to retreats, immersions and other programs.


Access to videos about philosophy, history and other interesting aspects of the training.

Develop your skills

Our memberships offer a way to be more in contact with your:


- Teacher


- Progress


- Technique 


- Goals

Easier Payment

Payment is directly debited each week/month until cancelled. 

Cancel at any time.

Live Sessions

These are your weekly live classes where will be guided through a traditional Kalari practice. Sign up to them individually and use the membership to pay for them at checkout. 

Video Corrections

You will send 1 short video via WhatsApp for technique correction per week. Your teacher may then respond with a video or written correction. This will allow for more frequent corrections as you practice during the week. 

Student/Teacher Interaction

We will start to chat more frequently. You can send messages with questions via WhatsApp about your practice or other related areas that you would like to learn more about.  

Video Resources

We will be uploading weekly videos (beginner and intermediate will be different) which will help you gain a different perspective to Kalari movements and forms. They might include:

- Kalari movements (from forms that you will be learning)

- Specific exercises for increasing flexibility, strength and range of motion related to certain areas of the body

- Pranayama or meditation (practices to improve your breath control, and focus)

- Reflections (activities that allow for introspection and health goal setting)

Each video is accessible for 2 weeks only after which they will be replaced with an updated one.