Kalari and Zi Ran Men Workshop

Ancient Indian martial arts & Northern style internal Gong Fu 

Date: Sunday 30th April

Time:10am - 1pm 

Location:  Jibasso studio (above African Drumming) 252 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Join Adam Martin and Lalita Yagnik in a 3 hour workshop in Ancient Indian martial arts & Northern style internal Gong Fu. We will be focussing on mobility/flexility focused warm ups, body conditioning, kicks, upper and lower body attacks, martial and animal movements/flows and combative and non-combative forms. 

If you don’t know Adam Martin - he is amazing! Adam is a martial artist/combatives instructor, stuntman & fight choreographer. He holds a 2nd Degree Black Sash and is a 6th Generation Ziranmen Lineage Disciple. He represented Australia at the Xiamen International Martial Arts Tournament in China in 2016, winning Gold and Silver medals for Bagua Zhang. He also holds a Master Instructor Qualification in Ziran Qigong. Adam is a MEAA graded stunt performer and most recently he was fight choreographer on the Shantaram series. He continues to teach and train at his school 5 Elements Martial Arts in Torquay on the Victorian Surf coast. 

We are super excited for this one!

 Read More about Lalita HERE

$60.00 AUD