Performances and Artistic Experience

Ramona Lalita Yagnik - musician, Kalari Practitioner, Naturopath

Sonidos del Norte: Remastered Myths

MAV 2019

Guest Participation with Meninas da Lua 2018

Synergy by Mandacaru 2016

Kalaripayattu Demonstration @ Onam Celebration 2019

Federation Square performance in Diwali celebration in collaboration with Ignite Dance  2015 (minutes 2:00 - 3:50)

Piece from Performance in “STEPS” in Mapping Melbourne 2016 (a MAV initiative)

Vocals for Digital Afrika 2019

Mandacaru @ Folk, Rhythm and Life Festival 2016 

Kalari Healing

Sisters for Sisters @ The Toff in Town, Melbourne
Samba Boom - Hamptons, NY
Woodford 2018/19
Mandacaru @ Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Yoruba Day Celebration/ Fitzroy Town Hall, Melbourne
Community Performance @ 4DVerse Multicultural Hub, Melbourne
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Andrew Bishop - composer, musician, sound designer

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