Every Kalari has a Puttara (meaning "platform where flowers are kept" in Malayalam). The Puttara is a seven tiered platform placed in the south-west corner and houses the guardian deities of the Kalari. This will vary depending on the lineage and Guru. Other deities, most of them incarnations of the Bhagavathi (female deities) or Shiva, are installed in the corners. Flowers, incense and water are usually offered to the deities and lamps every day. Before starting the day's practice, it is the norm for practitioners to pray to the deity or temple. Not only is the Kalari a temple of learning, but it is also a temple of spiritual worship with rituals of its own.

There is also a Guruthara inside all kalaris. Guruttara means "the place where a lamp is kept burning in reverence to all the gurus (masters) of the kalari". The puttara is always in the south –west corner of the Kalari, the direction where we attain health and prosperity from according to Vastu Shastra, a science which describes principles of design and spacial geometry.

The seven tiers/stps symbolise the seven abilities that each person must possess or train to possess, and the seven presiding deities of the Kalari.

1. Vignesva (strength) - The first step is that of Vignesha or Ganapathi at the base of the Puttara giving initiating power.

2. Channiga (patience) - The second step is Chandika or Bhumi or Parvati (Earth Power) giving patience of earth.

3. Vishnu (power to command) - The third step is of Vishnu for Agnisakti or commanding power. Vishnu has the Chakra as his weapon and its rotation destroys all enemies.

4. Vadugashcha (the posture) - On the fourth step is Vadukisca or lighting. The weapon in itself has no lighting power. It is only the action with the weapon that gives the power associated with speed and quickness (Ayudha parasakthi).

5. Tadaguru (training) - On the fifth step are the power and blessings of the guru (Gurusakthi).

6. Kali (the expression) - And on the sixth step is Kali in her Raudra aspect. Here, you get this special power of fury.

7. Vakasta - purushu (sound) - Finally, at the seventh is Vagastha-puruso where you get the power of voice or sound. By making certain noises you can terrify your opponent like an animal.

A person who perfectly knows all these seven and keeps their mind always concentrated will be able to have superior Manasakti (spiritual and higher energy/powers)

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