Online Kalari Classes

Our Kalari online learning program is targeted towards students who would like to develop their skills in Kalaripayattu and Kalari Yoga. 

Students learn unarmed techniques that allow mastery over body movements and balance. Warm ups, forms, combinations and techniques include aspects of a traditional practice such as:

  • Loha – warm up exercises to energise/strengthen/prepare the mind and body, and build core strength

  •  Kalugal (leg swings or kicks to balance/ground),

  • Vadivu (postures as whole body Mudras which awaken the energy of the particular form, creating focus and steadfastness)

  • Chuvadu (Salutation Vinyasa or form where we acknowledge the lineage and tradition of Kalari and energise/align/ground the subtle/physical body and mind))

  • Adithada (Unarmed Combat)

As the student progresses they may undertake weapons training. 

Online learning can be utilised by students so they can continue to feel motivated and supported, and develop more discipline by having continual contact wherever they are. Contact us for more information or queries. 

Class Times (Live on Zoom)

Sunday 5pm AEST - Beginners 

Tuesday 6pm AEST - Beginners/Intermediate mixed class

Wednesday 6:30am AEST - Intermediate

Thursday 6:30am AEST - Beginners 

Saturday 6:30am AEST - Intermediate

Beginners classes are open to all levels.

Classes are 1.5 hours and in Melbourne, Australian Eastern Standard Time. You can use this Time Zone Converter site to work out your time zone

All prices below are in AUD. 

If you are a new student with questions contact us