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Our Kalari online learning program is targeted towards students who would like to develop their skills in Kalaripayattu and Kalari Yoga. 

Students learn unarmed techniques that allow mastery over body movements and balance. Warm ups, forms, combinations and techniques include aspects of a traditional practice such as:

  • Loha – warm up exercises to energise/strengthen/prepare the mind and body, and build core strength

  •  Kalugal (leg swings or kicks to balance/ground),

  • Vadivu (postures as whole body Mudras which awaken the energy of the particular form, creating focus and steadfastness)

  • Chuvadu (Salutation Vinyasa or form where we acknowledge the lineage and tradition of Kalari and energise/align/ground the subtle/physical body and mind))

  • Adithada (Unarmed Combat)

As the student progresses they may undertake weapons training. 

Online learning can be utilised by students so they can continue to feel motivated and supported, and develop more discipline by having continual contact wherever they are. Contact us for more information or queries. 

2021 UPDATES !

- If you are a new student please join our beginner's classes. For more information on the Beginners series visit the Kalari Martial Arts page 

- Once you join our classes you will have access to instructional videos via private youtube links, and please follow us on social media instagram and facebook for more videos and support in your training.

Please read the important information below related to signing up for classes and class etiquette.

Class Times (Live on Zoom)

Monday 6pm AEDT - Beginners

Wednesday 7am AEDT - Intermediate

Thursday 7am AEDT - Beginners 

Saturday 7:30am AEDT - Intermediate

Beginners classes are open to all levels.

You can use this Time Zone Converter site to work out your time zone

All prices below are in AUD. 

Signing up

Signing up for a Casual Class

- Click on the class level - beginner, intermediate, - and then choose a class time which will take you through to the payment and registration pages.

- Your confirmation email will have a Zoom link - please use this to join the class.

Signing up for a Class Pass

- Choose a pass and purchase this.

- Click on the class level - beginner, intermediate, - and then choose a class time which will take you through to the payment and registration pages.

- Use the pass to pay for your class

- Your confirmation email will have a Zoom link - please use this to join the class.


- If you miss a class, please register for the next class. Classes are not refunded or made up later. 



Preparing yourself for our online classes

- If you have natural light and ventilation (air flow), allow that into the room prior to training. 

- Make sure you are warm - wear appropriate clothes for the weather, and take a warm shower before and after the class. 

- Try to do a quick warm up before you join the class – for example a 5 min walk around your space or some stretching to warm your body, muscles and joints.   

- You can be barefoot, or wear toe shoes, and practice on a preferably soft and non-slippery ground. If you are outdoors or on cement you can wear toe shoes and use a yoga mat or something to cushion the ground.

- Make sure the battery on your phone/tablet or computer is charged, or connect a power source. Using a TV with a large screen is the most preferred way to attend the classes.


- You are responsible for your own training – during training please do not exert yourself beyond your own ability and be aware of any injuries or limitations you may have. If you feel pain or discomfort while participating, please stop the exercise and let the instructor know. If you have serious health conditions, are pregnant or would like to discuss any aspect of your health please contact us prior to the class. 

Attending the Classes/Class Etiquette (group and private classes)

Our training is designed for a small space and each training level of training is structured differently. We try to choose universal and space-saving exercises. We also often give different versions of exercises to accomodate for different skill levels. 

If you would like to have private classes/mentorship and develop your skills with closer attention and tailored specifically for you, please contact us directly. 

Q & A Each Month 

We will have a 30 min Q and A every month (on Zoom) to discuss any questions or comments you have, and to connect with each other. You might be in the same city and be able to practice together, and so this will give us an opportunity to get to know each other. This is completely optional to join in, and there is no expectation that you participate. It’s simply my gift to you each month. Please contact us if you are training with us would like to attend. 


Punctuality for classes  

Class starts promptly at the time indicated and we ask that you please login a few minutes before class so we can greet one another and begin ON TIME. Please turn on your video when you login, so we can see you and we can all start the class together at the scheduled time.

If you cannot be on time we would ask you to please instead practice self-training that day and join us for the next class. There can be no late admissions once the class has begun. Arriving late to class is disruptive to everyone, and you miss the highly important warm up we cover. Imagine you are in a real life class. When we all start on time, it will enable us to focus more fully on giving you all quality time for the entire duration of the class.

Tardiness in real life martial arts classes would not be tolerated - it is an integral part of the discipline. Arriving early to start on time is cooperative and respectful. Both are important aspects of your training. Managing your time is the art of the Ayurvedic Dinacharya - daily routine set up, and it is wonderful training for yourself.

If you have questions about any aspect of the class please let us know, and we will gladly log on early for the next class to answer them, rather than after class.


Structure of the class 


We have developed the lesson as a 90 minute structure where every piece of the training fits to compliment every other part for maximum benefit to your fitness. We finish with the Salutations and pranayama, vital parts of concluding the training. Staying until the end is as important as arriving early and being on time. We are building a flow in training, so please enjoy the full 90 minute workout as an important part of your dedication to your practice.



Staying focused during the class  

Another important part of the discipline in martial arts is to stay focused during the lesson. Prepare your drink bottle to have it ready in your training space should you need it. Aim to stay in your training space for the whole duration of the lesson.  You can always do pranayama or sit down for seated pranayama if needed to rest during class. Attending your phone is not a permitted activity in a live martial arts or yoga class - please apply this in our class also. If it is an emergency you need to attend to, please take your leave and join in the next class.



Class recordings 

We are only recording classes for training and improvements only. Please do not record any part of the classes from your device or camera. We have students who have requested not to be recorded. Please respect this. If you have trouble remembering your forms, please write them down, or record yourself to make your own collection. Let us know if you are having issues with remembering or learning. We can work out a way to improve your experience. We are here to help you learn and will do so gladly. We also upload technique videos for students who are attending weekly classes.


Catcha - Belt 


If you have a Catcha please wear it to class. If you do not have one, please let us know. Having this on, before you start class is a sign of readiness to train. If you are not sure if you can wear it, or why we are wearing this (for new students this might be the case) please ask us anytime in class or via DM.

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