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Integrated Wellness Combining Evidence-Based Medicine and Ancient Indian Philosophies

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At Kalari Healing we offer a range of integrated wellness services ranging from holistic health consultations, Kalari Ayurvedic massage, ancient Indian martial arts and rejuvenation programs that are all tailored to you. We want to be part of your health journey and guide you into your optimal state of health while assisting you in reaching your wellness goals.

Martial Arts & Rejuvenation Programs 

Kalari Yoga

2 Hour Workshop

- Combining Asana, Kalari Forms, Meditation, Pranayama and Philosophy

- Next class TBC

4 DAY 


- 3 Kalari Ayurvedic Massages

- 1 Herbal Steam


Beginners and Advanced

Adults and Kid Friendly

Indian Martial Arts

- Thursdays @ Dancehouse 6:30-9pm

- Sundays @Studio J 5pm - 7pm

- Casual and Membership Options


Rejuvenation, Detox, Revitalise

- Holistic Health Consultations

- Kalari Ayurvedic Massages

-Shiro Dhara

- Herbal Steam

- Yoga 

- Nutrition 

- Herbal Medicines

Upcoming Events
7 Day Rejuvenation & Revitalisation Program
Brighton VIC 3186, Australia
7 Day Rejuvenation & Revitalisation Program
Brighton VIC 3186, Australia

Kalari Ayurvedic Massage

"The best massage and treatment you could ever have, Ramona is magic. I leave her feeling so energized and fantastic, I highly recommend Ramona". 

- Sally Frenkiel


Align Your Health with Your Goals

Kalari Healing