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I’m passionate about helping you fix your thyroid, gut and hormones and be the boss lady you’ve always wanted to be.


Hi, I'm Lalita, 

the Hypothyroid Naturopath


I'm a qualified Naturopath, Kalari Ayurveda and Indian martial art practitioner and I specialise in helping busy women overcome Hypothyroidism so they can enjoy a holistic, stress free and productive life. I use science backed knowledge integrated with ancient medicines to get to the root cause of your thyroid condition.  

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Navigating Hypothyroidism can be a challenge....BUT that changes when you have the right guidance and tools


I use a unique blend of modern and ancient science backed approaches:

  • Naturopathy: integrative testing, herbal medicines, diet therapy, lifestyle interventions
  • Ayurveda:¬†constitutional analysis, herbal and nutritional¬†medicines
  • Movement: ancient Indian martial arts, yoga and breathing techniques

I am based in Australia so I have access to high quality testing and medicines and work online guiding you via personalised and tailored consultations. I use drop shipping to deliver high quality herbal and nutritional medicines and testing kits to your door.

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Common Symptoms of Thyroid Conditions


Brain Fog


Sleep Issues/ Insomnia

Weight gain/fluctuations

Digestive issues

Dry hair/thinning

Skin problems

Reproductive issues

Hormonal imbalances 

Light/heavy/late periods

Cold hands/feet

Memory loss

Immune deficiency

Lack of vitality

Low libido


Either you've been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s, or just not the same high performing woman you used to be, overwhelmed, time poor and stressed.


I can assure you, you are not alone.


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The doctor says your TSH is normal, and it's all in your head..but you know you are not ok...


You change your diet, cut out gluten and dairy and your weight doesn't change...you feel depressed about it.

You can't seem to concentrate or get through your day without coffee..it's  frustrating to be dependant.

Your hair is dry and thinner than ever and you feel like wearing a hat to cover it up.

You feel like your anxiety is next level, and want to be heard...but don't know who to go to.

I get it. And i've been there.


You are looking for someone who takes the time to hear your concerns.

You want a COMPREHENSIVE thyroid panel, not just TSH and T4.

You want solutions that are practical and not going to add to your never ending 'to do list'.

You want to understand how your digestion, hormones and thyroid all work together.

You want to overcome your Hypothyroidism in a holistic way and be that energised productive woman. 

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Client Stories


"Lalita has been treating me with my hypothyroidism and PCOS for the past six years. She has been so wonderful to work with. Her knowledge, time and experience has been such a key part of my treatment and recovery. I have seen such good results in balancing my hormones, regulating my periods and helping manage other symptoms of my thyroid condition. Lalita's empathy, care and holistic approach to healing has always made me feel confident and optimistic about my recovery. Very grateful for having come across her practice". ~ Urmila, Australia

"Lalita was a guiding light for me on my 7 day detox and massage.  Her wealth of knowledge and application in regards to my health, diet and wellbeing was life changing.  This is real holistic healing at it’s best.  Thank you  Lalita you are a rare gem." ~ Rochelle, Australia


"Recently finished a 7 day detox with Lalita. Oh my goodness! What an amazing experience. Lalita is so kind and caring and incredibly knowledgeable. I completely trusted her, and felt so at ease in her company and with the massages and other treatments. Have been implementing her strategies, especially the yoga poses tailored for 'a condition', and feel so much more alive, clear thinking and energised. Thank you Lalita, very much. I feel very blessed to have met you". ~ Jane, M, Australia


“My energy is so much better. And i've lost some weight - I’m so happy. We have been working on my thyroid health for some months and I've recently seen some positive shifts in my thyroid bloods too. Can't recommend Lalita enough!” ~ Janet, D, Australia


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Women are powerful; but we are disempowered by misinformation about our options. It's my passion to educate you about your health, and help you develop discipline to make holistic thyroid decisions ~ Lalita 


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