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Programs to support your fatigue, energy & weight

At Kalari Healing we specialise in supporting your Thyroid Health using our FIVE PILLAR approach. This includes Education, Integrative and Functional testing, Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Movement (Yoga/Martial Arts) as our primary modalities.
Understanding your Thyroid condition, and its relationship to your overall health and life is a process. And like peeling the layers of an onion we use different methods to dive deeper to the root causes of imbalances. We use scientific ways to support your treatment, creating preventative and optimal health plans.Whether you have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism or Hashimotos, or are feeling fatigued, brain fog, weight fluctuations we can support you. 


Our Holistic Thyroid 5 Pillar Approach 

We are passionate about  educating you so you can understand your Thyroid health, how your Thyroid works and its relationship to you, your symptoms and life.


Investigating anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, scientific and up to date research on treatment options.

Integrative Testing 

Evaluating blood tests, thyroid panels, digestive analysis, hormonal assessment and other panels/tests


Herbal medicine, diet therapy, nutritional medicine, supplements,  lifestyle, iridology, flower essences, homeopathy


 Ancient Indian medicinal and healing practices, constitutional analysis, herbal medicines, food combining, routines, nature cycles, yoga, tongue analysis

Yoga & Movement

Martial arts, traditional yoga, breathing, asana/poses, meditation, mindfulness


Consultations & Programs


Our initial and return consultations include in depth analysis, discussions, reviews and recommendations. After each session you will receive a detailed treatment plan outlining instructions for diet, lifestyle, herbal/nutritional supplement and functional testing recommendations and other protocols we may suggest.

Our programs include 30-45 min consultations and 10-15 min check in calls to support you on health journey, and so we can assess your progress, or alter your program if needed. These are very supporting in keeping you on track in your Thyroid journey.

We will first asses your thyroid and overall health and may recommend you for specific investigations.

If you are a new client please book a Thyroid discovery call.

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Client Experiences


"Lalita has been treating me with my hypothyroidism and PCOS for the past six years. She has been so wonderful to work with. Her knowledge, time and experience has been such a key part of my treatment and recovery. I have seen such good results in balancing my hormones, regulating my periods and helping manage other symptoms of my thyroid condition. Lalita's empathy, care and holistic approach to healing has always made me feel confident and optimistic about my recovery. Very grateful for having come across her practice". ~ Urmila, Australia

“My energy is so much better. And i've lost some weight - I’m so happy. We have been working on my thyroid health for some months and I've recently seen some positive shifts in my thyroid bloods too. Can't recommend Lalita enough!” ~ Janet, D, Australia

"Lalita was a guiding light for me on my 7 day detox and massage.  Her wealth of knowledge and application in regards to my health, diet and wellbeing was life changing.  This is real holistic healing at it’s best.  Thank you  Lalita you are a rare gem." ~ Rochelle, Australia

"Recently finished a 7 day detox with Lalita. Oh my goodness! What an amazing experience. Lalita is so kind and caring and incredibly knowledgeable. I completely trusted her, and felt so at ease in her company and with the massages and other treatments. Have been implementing her strategies, especially the yoga poses tailored for 'a condition', and feel so much more alive, clear thinking and energised. Thank you Lalita, very much. I feel very blessed to have met you". ~ Jane, M, Australia


Thyroid hormones are like the spark plugs of the body. They ignite the fuel in the mitochondria of the cell to produce energy with which the body performs all of its functions. So a problem with the thyroid gland can causes energy problems and usually fatigue is one of the first to present.


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