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The Science of Life 

Ayurveda “the science of life”, is a holistic Vedic system developed to prevent illness, eliminate diseases, heal, protect health and prolong life.

Ayuveda is an ancient traditional system of medicine from India. It integrates body, mind and spirit utilizing a comprehensive holistic approach.  Emphasis is placed on diet, herbal remedies,  exercise, meditation, the breath, massage and the use of oils and other purification therapies.

The basic principle of Ayurvedic medicine is to prevent illness rather than respond to indicators of disease. Balance is created through creating a harmony between the body, mind and environment.

Developed by the yogis and seers of antiquity to enhance longevity for the pursuit of Yoga and other noble pursuits, Ayurveda is the healing branch or medical side of the system of Yoga. It is a gift of their wisdom and compassion passed down for the good of humanity.

Ayurveda recognizes that each one of us embodies a unique combination of the elements. The way we practice movement, treat, heal and prevent dis-ease is dependant on this understanding of the unique make up of each individual and recognising this flux in the nature of their body and mind over time.

We use Ayurvedic philosophies, medicines and concepts in our massage, treatments, martial arts & yoga and in our thyroid health consults and programs as well.

Ayurveda opens us to new and uplifting perspectives, offering intelligent & effective approaches to preventative health and treatment.

Want to know more? Ask Lalita about how Ayurveda can support you!

Kalari Chikilsa


Kalari Chikilsa (pronounced Chik-ilsa) is a unique system of healing that comes from a combination of Ayurveda and Siddhaveda medicine systems using traditional medicines, ancient philosophies and diverse massage techniques to bring about health and healing. It originates from the warriors of South India and their heightened awareness of the vital energy points ‘marmas’ and energy channels. There are various treatments in the Kalari Chikilsa system that can be combined into a holistic plan.

Traditional Indian medicine teaches that the human body is not only composed merely of physical matter. It also contains a subtle energy known as Prana. Within the physical body, fluids travel through the circulatory system and nerve impulses through the nervous system. And within the subtle body, Prana travels through the Nadi channels and Chakras centers.

 Kalari Chikilsa treatments target the unblocking of these channels and energy centres so that our Prana can move freely and reach all part of the body to allow for optimised function of all organs and a more balanced state of mind.

Our Signature Treatment -  Kalari Ayurvedic Massage


The Kalari Ayurvedic Massage involves a 1.5 hour full body treatment with the application of specific flowing massage techniques using warm herbal oils and compresses, vital energy point therapy, followed by a relaxing head massage. Each treatment begins with a consultation in order to best tailor the treatment to your needs and offers a multitude of benefits. 

Supports lymphatic movement 

Stimulates the elimination of toxins

Aids in relieving muscle and nerve tension/pain 

Balances the chakras and energy channels 

Relaxes and energizes the body and mind

Balances and calms the nervous system

Reduces inflammation and water retention 

Boosts digestive function and metabolism

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Client Experiences 


 "The best massage and treatment you could ever have, Lalita is magic ...I leave her feeling so energized and fantastic, I highly recommend her" ~ Sally

"Lalita was a guiding light for me on my 7 day detox and massage.  Her wealth of knowledge and application in regards to my health, diet and wellbeing was life changing.  This is real holistic healing at it’s best. She is a rare gem".  ~ Rochelle

Lalita's heart centered and methodical approach, which is grounded in ancient practices, is why I chose her for my 4 day detox program. She is a healer who combines intuition with knowledge and it shows through in her healing ability. A true delight to have an experience with her whether for a single session or a more tailored longer rejuvenation program. If you are looking for someone who combines modern science with ancient wisdom in your approach to health and healing then Lalita would be one of my top picks!" ~ Xing

"Recently finished a 7 day detox with Lalita. Oh my goodness! What an amazing experience. Lalita is so kind and caring and incredibly knowledgeable. I completely trusted her, and felt so at ease in her company and with the massages and other treatments. Have been implementing her strategies, especially the yoga poses tailored for 'a condition', and feel so much more alive, clear thinking and energised. Thank you Lalita, very much. I feel very blessed to have met you" ~ Jane

"Lalita is a warm, friendly, and highly skilled healer, who makes you feel relaxed and at ease. She is so open to your questions and sensitive to your body's responses. As a yoga practitioner and teacher, I feel quite connected to the way energy shifts in my body, and the Kalari massage I received was an incredibly powerful drawing sensation - I could feel all the stagnant energy moving and releasing. It is purifying inside and out - the warm herbal oils used for the massage are a beautiful treat for the skin and the senses. This was definitely a birthday gift worth giving and receiving! Thank you Lalita!" ~ Lucy

Client Experiences

What you can expect in a Kalari Ayurvedic massage


Massage with the use of oil, traditionally called 'Abhyanga', allows for nourishment of the muscles and skin, improves flexibility and strengthens all the organ systems. During the massage, the 'marma' are identified and addressed. These points are vital energy centres that connect the organs, muscles and channels, and are often sites where toxins and stagnated energy accumulate causing blockages. 

Before each massage, the appropriate herbal oils are selected based on your current state of health. Some of the base oils include coconut and sesame, and these are usually combined with other potent herbal and medicinal oils. Kalari Massage helps to lubricate the joints, allowing proper flow of energy and blood through the body.  Cleansing of the blood, via new oxygen flow and excretion of wastes is also stimulated. It is also an effective method for the medicines in the oils to be absorbed.

Heated herbal compresses, traditionally called 'Kizhi' are used and made from a synergistic combination of herbs, that aid the movement of stagnated energy, remove inflammation and blockages, and soften the muscles.

Herbal Heat packs

Herbal Medicinal oils

Vital energy point therapy

Relaxing head massage

Attention to sensitive/inflamed areas

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Kalari Ayurvedic Treatments 


Shiro Dhara – Head Oil Bath

Warm herbal oil drips slowly onto the centre of the forehead from a pot, which soothes the nervous system, psychological and emotional centres, and aids in stress management. The forehead is lightly massaged throughout the treatment allowing for a very relaxing experience. This treatment is 1.5 hours and includes a head massage prior to the head bath.

Head and Shoulder Massage

This specifically relieves tension around the shoulders and helps in total body and mind balancing. The points on the head that hold stress are focused on and this combined massage results in complete relaxation of those areas. 30 minutes. 

Kati Basti – Localised Oil Treatment

Warm medicated herbal oils are placed on specific injury sites, trouble areas or nurture points on the body to enhance circulation and healing in the affected area.  15-30 minutes depending on the location. Usually included in a full body treatment.

Injury Management

A treatment plan can be developed to treat specific conditions and injuries using a combination of the above Kalari techniques. 30 – 45 minute sessions.

Full Body Herbal Steam

In this treatment you will sit for 10-30 minutes in a steam box that is infused with warm steam generated from a herbal decoction. This treatment is specifically beneficial to assist in detoxification and purification processes, movement of the lymphatic system and cleansing the skin. Herbs are selected depending on the presenting condition.

Wellness Packages

A combination of Naturopathy and Kalari Treatments which tailored to each individual and aim to achieve optimal health. An in depth analysis of the current state of health along with massage and physical treatments that focus on balancing the body/mind/spirit while targeting trouble areas, allows for a more comprehensive approach to holistic and preventative health. 

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Rejuvenation Programs 


Our rejuvenation programs are supportive of more intensive detoxification, reseting your body and mind and setting wellbeing goals. They are tailored to you and can include holistic health consultations, Ayurvedic massage and treatments, movement therapy/yoga/martial arts, breathing practices and more.

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