About Us

Kalari Wisdom

Kalari healing integrates ancient healing systems and modern science with offerings that are tailored to you.

We are interested in how you integrate within your environment, become aware of your true and changing nature, move with balance and strength, and align your life with your health goals.

We integrate evidence-based medicine and ancient Indian philosophies to bring you a combined approach to wellness.

We utilize modalities from Naturopathic medicine and Kalari Ayurvedic healing, which are linked to both Ayurvedic and Siddhaveda philosophies.

Kalari Movement is also key in our preventative health approach, which incorporates ancient and traditional exercises, including yoga and modern movement into our classes, workshops and treatment plans.

We want you to find balance in your life, by investigating the deeper root causes of disharmony and developing strategies to move into optimal health and wellbeing.

Lalita Ramona, my story

When I was little, I was often in the garden picking berries and making potions. I offered them up to my family and wondered why the blue-green pastes were trialled with caution. I was always a fighter, with a competitive spirit, trying to be the leader of my siblings and cousins, sometimes pushing them around. When I was fourteen in Singapore I started Taekwondo and practised for a year, and this was the beginning of my love for martial arts.

After graduating from high school I went to India and found a passion for crystals and semi-precious stones, their healing properties astounded me. I began selling these at markets in Australia and on my travels in Mexico and other parts of the world. This was the opening of my path towards the healing arts.

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Our Fundamentals of Holistic Healing

  • To act in cooperation with the Healing Power of Nature.

  • To address the fundamental causes of disease.

  • To heal the whole person through individualized treatment.

  • To teach the principles of healthy living and preventive medicine.

  • To recognize the therapeutic potential of the doctor-patient interaction

Our Team


Francesco Venturini, Assistant Teacher, Kalari Healing

Francesco was born and grew up in a small town in Tuscany, Italy. At a very young age he trained in skating and football and soon developed a passion for martial arts. He began with Chinese kickboxing (Sanshou, also known as Sanda), before moving to Muay Thai. Being naturally inclined to approach his life in a spiritual way he decided to start practicing yoga and meditation in 2015, to complement and enrich his experience and knowledge in holistic practices. In 2017, after the meeting  his teacher Lalita Ramona Yagnik, he started Kalaripayattu classes and has dedicated himself to his training with true with passion and commitment.

Francesco has qualified as an assistant teacher, maintaining his vision for a future to share Kalari, while keeping a balanced and healthy lifestyle. He is currently training with more advanced weapons such as long staff, and sword and shield. He strongly believes in the benefits of practicing Kalari and the ancient wisdom that carries through the lineage as it has supported his personal growth, development and discipline in everyday life. His genuine presence, and martial abilities enhance students’ experience at his classes, and along with his bright energy and smile, provide motivation to push through mental and physical boundaries.  

Ramona Yagnik-10.jpg

 Lalita Ramona Yagnik, Instructor and Director of Kalari Healing, Melbourne

Lalita Ramona is a Kalari Practitioner, Yoga and Martial Arts teacher and Naturopath. She began studying Kalari Healing and Martial Arts in 2009 in Australia. Since then she has made several trips to India to study and train with her teacher and Guru, Sat Guru Hanuman Das, the founder of the Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram in Kerala. She is currently practicing and teaching key Kalaripayattu exercises, forms, open combat sequences and weapon forms. Developing focus in the mind and body, while building a strong foundation through warm ups and basic practices are integral to her training. 

Originally from India, Lalita has lived and studied in various countries such as Brazil, Singapore, India and Japan. Ramona is passionate about health and well-being, and employs Kalari in her personal life. She endeavours to help her clients and students gain equilibrium and harmony in their lives. Ramona sees Kalari as a multimodal healing system, and is a firm believer that using Kalari methods, one can synergize the body, mind and spirit.


Rashmi Kumar, Assistant Teacher, Kalari Healing

Rashmi, originally from South India, has been training Kalaripayattu for nearly 3 years with Lalita Ramona Yagnik, and is practicing her skills as an assistant teacher. She was first drawn to Kalaripayattu for its versatile and holistic approach to movement, which can be adapted to suit a large range of people, while maintaining a core of respect, tradition, and continuous striving for improvement. Having previously learned Hatha Yoga, and wanting a different 'off the mat’ challenge, Rashmi took up Kalaripayattu to improve her fitness. She has progressed and persevered with it because of the broad benefits of Kalaripayattu, not just for physical fitness, but overall wellbeing. She has visited the Kalariyil Dharmikam Ashram in Kerala, India, to deepen her knowledge and experience the practice in its original setting. She was drawn to teaching through making this trip and learning more about Kalaripayattu practice, wanting to contribute to the tradition and share it more widely.

Rashmi works in advocacy for social justice, and has been a passionate activist from a young age. Her openness to learn more, and blend her passion for change into her practices comes through in her classes. She is a focused  teacher, with a sharp and precise attitude that creates a disciplined yet calm environment that allows for deep internal reflection. She is also currently training more advanced forms and weapons, and is eager to guide others to experience the benefits of this multifaceted practice. 

Karen Bio Photo.jpg

Karen Leskiw,  Marketing and Communications 

Karen began her love of movement in childhood as a competitive gymnast, crossing over to coaching kids and adults during her university studies in visual communication. Throughout this process however, something was always missing. Finally she went searching and was introduced to yoga through Sian Pascale, who slowed down familiar exercises and connected them to the breath. This opened up a whole new world of focused and purposeful movement.

At a yoga and kalari demonstration, she met Ramona and instantly loved the use of strength, flexibility and personal power that was involved in kalari training. It took everything she adored about yoga and brought it back towards acrobatics.

Karen quickly noticed how supportive and positive it was when training with this new group of passionate people. Always practicing with an emphasis on mastery, a disciplined respect to gurus and the philosophy of ‘seeing with the whole body’. It was such a beautiful way to approach training. She was delighted to offer her skills in marketing to help spread the word of this amazing ancient martial art form.

Alana Gregory

Alana Gregory, Director of Kalari Australia, Adelaide

Over several years, Alana lived and trained in Kalarippayat and Ayurveda in India. She has a background in environmental science, Yoga, martial art, mindfulness, and the underlying philosophies that inform these practices. 


Alana is passionate about passing on the knowledge her teachers share with her. She is an advocate for a holistic approach to life and health and is involved in a number of community health and arts projects.




Katrin Küker

Katrin Küker,  Kalari Instructor, Tasmania

Katrin has always had a strong affinity to movement, practicing gymnastics, dance and acrobatics from a young age. After several years as a yoga student, she took part in a yoga teacher training in 2009 in Berlin, Germany, leading on to a visit to India to study directly at the origin.

After a Kalari workshop in Germany, she decided to make her first stop the Kerala Kalarippayatt Academy in India. The healing treatment received and the introduction to this practice marked a major change in her life path. Katrin has since been teaching and giving kalari nadi massages in Germany and Australia.

Katrin currently lives in St Mary’s Tasmania and runs a regular Kalari school in the area. For further information on Katrin’s school please email: info@kalariaustralia.com.au