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"Kalaripayattu is different compared to other fighting systems given its recognition of the centrality of the nervous system. In training the nervous system the movements during practice seem soft, but in fact practice of the basic movements develops the nervous system such that even slim and not very muscular limbs can deliver blows with great speed and power. I'm definitely more flexible, and able to generate power from very low stances. And because of better flexibility, I can now sink much closer to the ground". ~
Ganesh Sahathevan, 5th Dan Taekwondo Kukkiwon

 Student Transformations 


"A few of the transformations I have discovered through Kalari training: in my body definitely strength and flexibility, in my mind a much more pin pointed focus and awareness."  ~ Charity, USA

"I’m very grateful for my teacher, Lalita. She is a true sage warrior! Graceful, humble, heartfelt, strong and powerful. Nirmal and I love learning Kalari together from her" ~ Nirmal & Bir Kaur, Canada

"I had a great experience training Kalari and felt the positive impact it can make within our mind and body, and enhance spiritual growth as well. I would highly recommend my friends to give this most ancient form of martial art a try." ~ Deepak, Australia


Our students from all over the world have been benefiting from Kalari movement practices in all aspects of their life.



Katie, Australia

“I’ve noticed in my body increased flexibility, more energy, more strength and benefits of these has flown into all aspects in my life”.


Divya, USA

“My main goal in studying Kalari was to become more agile and dynamic, and eventually incorporate it into my yoga classes.”


Priya, Australia

“I have found myself completely transformed. In terms of my practice, my dance practice, the pain that I have felt over many years in my hips and joints, all started to ease".


Radhajeet, Australia

“Kalari has done so much for me in such a short period of time. I’ve seen really subtle changes within me; being more centred and balanced in my day to day life"


"In class I feel switched on, alert, relaxed and engaged. One this that has impacted me more than anything else is that Kalari is more than a martial art, it is a way of life"   ~ Elliott Treves, Australia



Charity's Transformation


"A few of the transformations: in my body, strength, and flexibility, in my mind, a focus"


"I practiced Kalari with Lalita on several occasions and she has always been completely focused on making the most out of the class for each individual student. She is perfectly present, very precise in her instructions and giving just the right amount of background information to all the poses and sequences. I always felt beautifully energized and inspired by her teaching!" ~ Katrin, Germany/Australia

 Student Experiences


"The classes made me sweat, and there was a lot of diversity in the exercises. Lalita does a great job of online teaching"  ~ Andrew, Australia

"After training Kalari with Lalita, I feel clearer in my mind and  have a healthier and more balanced body. I have lost weight and have more muscle tone too. I love this practice."" ~ Jacqueline, USA

"Kalari is a full body workout and improved my strength, balance and coordination. I learnt some practical applications for self defence and about the importance of respect and discipline." ~ Susan, Australia


Priya's Kalari Experiences 


"I love the fact that Kalari is a holistic practice, just like Yoga and Ayurveda”

"I feel stronger, more powerful, I can do the moves with more speed”

"Im loving the fact that we have a global community”


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What clients have to say



"Lalita's heart centered and methodical approach, which is grounded in ancient practices, is why I chose her for my 4 day detox program. She is a healer who combines intuition with knowledge and it shows through in her healing ability. A true delight to have an experience with her whether for a single session or a more tailored longer rejuvenation program. If you are looking for someone who combines modern science with ancient wisdom in your approach to health and healing then Lalita would be one of my top picks!" ~ Xing

Consultation Experiences 


Jacquelyn Y, Australia

“I feel more energised and calm. My sleeping has improved a lot. I have definitely lost some weight”



Sian Pascale, Australia

“I felt like I had been listened to by Ramona in a way that no one else really had. She went into so much depth with me, with my health and my body".


Client Transformations 


"One of the most educational experiences i've ever had about my health. Insightful on both mental and physical aspects, it felt as though i had many different natural and holistic options. I felt more involved, guided and nurtured through my wellness journey"  ~ Joseph Smith, USA

"The massage I received from Lalita was amazing. She knew which muscle groups and points needed more attention and was very intuitive in her approach. I recommend this invigorating massage for anyone." ~ Ahmad Amar Mansoor Simmons, Brazil 

"Lalita was a guiding light for me on my 7 day detox and massage.  Her wealth of knowledge and application in regards to my health, diet and wellbeing was life changing.  This is real holistic healing at it’s best.  Thank you  Lalita you are a rare gem." ~ Rochelle, Australia


Jonathan Homsey's Experience


"When I don't know what's going on, I have to see Kalari Healing

"Lalita is just a beacon on light”

"If you want someone that is honest and accountable, go see Kalari Healing”


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"The best massage and treatment you could ever have, Lalita is magic ...I leave her feeling so energized and fantastic,I highly recommend Lalita". ~ Sally Frenkiel


"I found Lalita to be kind, warm, friendly and a good listener, taking the time and care to find out about my health concern in detail and recommending a way forward.  I found her studio to be a warm, inviting and nurturing space, setting the scene for the treatment that followed. The Head Massage I received from her was very relaxing, and great for releasing stress and tension. I will return soon for a further consultation with Lalita and also try the Kalari massage." ~ Nimali, Australia


"My energy is so much better. And i've lost some weight - I’m so happy. We have been working on my thyroid health for some months and I've recently seen some positive shifts in my thyroid bloods too. Can't recommend Lalita enough!” ~ Janet D, Australia 

"I can’t recommend Lalita enough and can honestly say she has changed my life. I have been dealing with chronic pain and a weak immune system for years; always getting sick, seeing doctor after doctor with no explanation as to what was actually going on in my body. This was all particularly puzzling given I am a young woman with a relatively healthy lifestyle, diet, etc. When I first saw her, I was basically getting to a point of thinking that maybe it was all just something I would need to accept, and that the only thing I could really do moving forth was to avoid my triggers and manage the pain as best as I could. Lalita helped me understand the complexity of my own body and how everything is so interconnected. The level of knowledge she has amazed me, and she took a great degree of care and time to understand my case. Through thorough investigation, exploring a few different avenues for potential causes, I finally have some answers and a direction to move in. On top of that, I have been implementing her comprehensive advice about specific lifestyle changes. I feel better than I have in years, and have been getting sick waaaay less often. Lalita has actually helped me much more than any doctors I have seen about my health issues. She is amazing!" ~ Sarah Ingles, Australia


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"Have just completed a seven day healing rejuvenation program with Lalita, and found the whole experience wonderful!  Lalita is so caring and giving of her time and energy to make you feel well looked after.  She has set me up on a wellness path which I intend to follow and also gave me some insightful health tips to ensure my health is at an optimum in the future.  Lalita, loved the treatment sessions, massages were sublime, and I would highly recommend anyone wanted a condensed massage treatment to look at her seven day healing treatments. Thank you Lalita for all your care and kindness!" ~ Chrissie, Australia 


Client Transformations 


"One of the best healing treatments i have experienced. One that was definitely authentic yet effective. Her warm hands dance in a rhythm that will take your mind and body to a place of complete balance and harmony. Lalita provides a space for you to participate in your own healing process where you will feel safe and completely cared for. " - Carisma Martorejo, Australia

"The massage was incredible. I could feel an interchanging of energy and after i felt totally renewed. Lalita is full of light and transmits unique energy. Thank you." ~ Brenda Poncin, Argentina 

"I have known Lalita for about 5 years, she is kind peaceful, friendly, intuitive and a good listener, but above all a gifted and natural healer of Kalari massage and medicine. It is easy to feel comfortable, cared for and safe on her table and in her presence. She listens, takes cues, asks for feed back and is responsive in her methods of individualising her care. I think it is fair to rate Lalita's massage technique as the best received massage I have ever experienced in this life time. The specialised Kalari oils brought from India for her clients in addition to honouring and spiritual format of the session, leaves one feeling whole in mind, body spirit soul." ~ Belinda Kilpatric, Australia


"Lalita is a warm, friendly, and highly skilled healer, who makes you feel relaxed and at ease. She is so open to your questions and sensitive to your body's responses. As a yoga practitioner and teacher, I feel quite connected to the way energy shifts in my body, and the Kalari massage I received was an incredibly powerful drawing sensation - I could feel all the stagnant energy moving and releasing. It is purifying inside and out - the warm herbal oils used for the massage are a beautiful treat for the skin and the senses. This was definitely a birthday gift worth giving and receiving! Thank you Lalita!" ~ Lucy (Lu) Lawes 


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"Recently finished a 7 day detox with Lalita. Oh my goodness! What an amazing experience. Lalita is so kind and caring and incredibly knowledgeable. I completely trusted her, and felt so at ease in her company and with the massages and other treatments. Have been implementing her strategies, especially the yoga poses tailored for 'a condition', and feel so much more alive, clear thinking and energised. Thank you Lalita, very much. I feel very blessed to have met you". ~ Jane M, Australia


"For the past few years my health has been all over the place. I went to see Lalita to discuss this and even after the first 2 sessions I started to see differences. She gave me practical health guidance and after doing some blood tests and other tests, we realised I had a Thyroid condition. I’m now feeling so much better. She has helped me see the importance of simple ways I can make changes. I am so grateful I came to see her. If you are looking for Thyroid support, she is the one”." ~ Brook L, Australia


"Stressed with work and travel, I recently had a massage with Lalita. Walking into the studio with the fresh smell of oils and the warmth on my face had an immediate relaxing effect. With just the right amount of pressure and manipulation, I felt the tension releasing in my overworked neck and shoulder muscles. Strained areas felt loose and tiredness left my body. Lalita treated me with respect and care, listened to my ailments without judging and massaged me with authority born of her training and experience. It's no wonder I felt so good. I'll be back for more! ” ~ Jen Warren, Australia 

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