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"Kalaripayattu is different compared to other fighting systems given its recognition of the centrality of the nervous system. In training the nervous system the movements during practice seem soft, but in fact practice of the basic movements develops the nervous system such that even slim and not very muscular limbs can deliver blows with great speed and power. I'm definitely more flexible, and able to generate power from very low stances. And because of better flexibility, I can now sink much closer to the ground". ~
Ganesh Sahathevan, 5th Dan Taekwondo Kukkiwon

Charity, USA

"A few of the transformations I have discovered through Kalari training: in my body definitely strength and flexibility, in my mind a much more pin pointed focus and awareness."

Nirmal & Bir Kaur, Canada

"I’m very grateful for my teacher, Lalita. She is a true sage warrior! Graceful, humble, heartfelt, strong and powerful. Nirmal and I love learning Kalari together from her"

Deepak, Australia

"I had a great experience training Kalari and felt the positive impact it can make within our mind and body, and enhance spiritual growth as well. I would highly recommend my friends to give this most ancient form of martial art a try." 

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"In class I feel switched on, alert, relaxed and engaged. One thing that has impacted me more than anything else is that Kalari is more than a martial art, it is a way of life" ~ Elliott, Australia

Charity's Transformations

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"I practiced Kalari with Lalita on several occasions and she has always been completely focused on making the most out of the class for each individual student. She is perfectly present, very precise in her instructions and giving just the right amount of background information to all the poses and sequences. I always felt beautifully energized and inspired by her teaching!" ~ Katrin, Germany/Australia

Andrew, Australia

"The classes made me sweat, and there was a lot of diversity in the exercises. Lalita does a great job of online teaching".

Jacqueline, USA

After training Kalari with Lalita, I feel clearer in my mind and  have a healthier and more balanced body. I have lost weight and have more muscle tone too. I love this practice."

Susan, Australia

“Kalari is a full body workout and improved my strength, balance and coordination. I learnt some practical applications for self defence and about the importance of respect and discipline.”

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